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My youngest son turned forty last Friday. I’m still wondering how we got there seeing that I am only forty-nine with a few years tacked on. We celebrated not with vast numbers of guests or a fancy meal. We celebrated at our house with just the family & a crockpot full of beef stew & dumplings. There wasn’t a ‘sniff’ left.

We moved from our family home of 35 years to a new home eight- months ago. Our son’s only question was ” Will there be room for family dinners?”

This son is the one :

  • who loves homemade meals- Comfort Food.
  • who responds to a text to come for dinner in about 2 minutes
  • who loves the special meals that only his mom can make
  • who has a fit if we change the Christmas dinner menu

The party was filled with noise & laughter .

There was also much talk about food-Comfort Food.

There was the debate about the merits of iChiban as the ultimate comfort food.

I would only have to say the words Jam- Jams in the Roger’ Golden Corn Syrup pail or solid chocolate Easter bunnies from Woolworths  & our children are transported back to their childhood times at Grandma Fodes’ house . The conversation would change to memories of knowing they belonged & were loved.

Comfort Foods are Tied to Comforting Relationships

From the beginning, God meant that food was to be eaten in the context of relationship .  We are not meant to eat alone or in turmoil .

Every culture has it’s comfort foods.

We Celebrate With Comfort Foods

We Grieve With Comfort Foods 

It’s Not The Food 

That Brings Comfort 

 It’s The Relationships


When we are alone or in distress or hurt or angry or fearful, we turn to comfort foods. Without the context of relationships the comfort foods don’t comfort. They only add to the problem .


Ultimate Comfort Food 

Jesus provided the ultimate comfort food for his disciples before disaster hit.

On the night before:

  •  he was betrayed
  • he was murdered
  • the disciples were left abandoned
  • the darkest day in history

Jesus gave a dinner party for his little band of  followers . He served the best lamb roast he could find.


When They Were So Full That

They Couldn’t Eat Another Bite

   He Brought Out Two Ordinary Foods

Bread & Wine

 He Gave Thanks

He Broke The Bread 

 Eat The Bread!

It  Is My Body Broken for You

Do This To Remember Me

Then He Took The Cup


Drink From It!  


 This Bread – This Cup

Enables A New Way of Living  

 Whenever You Eat Bread

Whenever You  Drink Wine

Remember Me 

In Between Days 

The disciples didn’t understand.  What was Jesus really telling them with the Bread & the Wine ? The following days were filled with sorrow & confusion & grief .

Like us their lives changed from having Jesus with them to having Jesus in them.

Like us they now had only a virtual relationship with Jesus.

Like us they had to walk out the truth that Jesus was telling them.


I see You 

I trust You 

I’m With You 


In those in between days the disciples could go to comfort foods & remember. Other things Jesus said would come back to their minds.

Fear changed to faith & action as they remembered:

  • that he called them friends
  • he would  not leave them as orphans
  • that he would come to them & live in them


As we approach Easter, my desire is that we focus on simple truths that come from simple words.


Comfort Foods 

Comforting Relationships

Bread & Wine 

Eat & Remember 

I See You 

I Trust You 

I’m With You 


Be sure to look for my next post Two Grapes & A Triscuit!

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Virtually yours


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