My Heart Hears You Say , Come and Talk With Me 

Psalm 27:8 (NLT) 

At first glance , the invitation seems daunting. It is like being given an informal invitation to a celebrity wedding. Is this a joke? Who is this really? When we are assured that the invitation is real questions flood my mind.

What will I wear? Who will I sit with? Most importantly , why have I been invited? Am I supposed to bring a gift? 

There is fear mixed with excitement.  I delay in sending a response. I certainly don’t tell anyone that the groom has invited me personally. I doubt that anyone would believe that he talked to ordinary me . 

From the beginning to the end of Scripture God invites people to come and talk with Him; invites them to have a personal relationship with him. 

God invites us to come and talk with Him. He invites not commands . He gives us the choice :

  • come all who are weary and I will give you rest
  • call me and I will answer
  • come fearlessly into my presence assured of my glad welcome

What stops me; stops you from coming? It could be lots of things. Maybe you feel guilty or worthless or too ordinary, too insignificant for God to talk to you personally. 

Maybe you don’t know how to start the relationship? You don’t know what to say?  Are you afraid of getting it wrong? Saying the wrong things? Asking the wrong things? 

Did your Dad get mad when you talked? Or like me, did they laugh when you made the observation : “It must be cold to be a cow.”  Were you and your faith the family joke? 

I suspect that for most of us we believe that we will get to talk to Jesus when we get to heaven but we have no real experience of hearing him in the 9-5 of life. If we are truthful we feel that we can talk to him . It’s called prayer lists. But we have a hard time believing , that He talks back. 

Our prayers – those conversations with someone we can’t see and can’t hear are more like a voice mail we leave him. We hope that he hears  the message we’ve left and takes some action. Maybe just maybe we’ll go near the top of his ‘to do’ list today.

I was that girl with those questions. The girl who knew his presence. I saw his provision and protection through many life threatening illnesses and events. 

Have I told you the ‘Train, Garbage Truck and Cement Truck ‘ story? No? We’ll come back to that another day. 

But what I longed for were Words. 

I needed to hear his voice. 

I needed and still need a God who talks back. 

Where Are You? 

Does the invitation to come and talk with God cause excitement in your heart or a knot in your stomach? 

Are you just a little disappointed in god these days? Heaven is going to be good but 9-5 living not so much right now. 

Can you take a real risk today? Can you come and talk to Him about how it is for you on the inside? 

Then get really brave. Get still and listen for the whispers. Listen for what He says in response. 


I ‘m Coming 

Virtually Yours 


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