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Photo by Niobesnuppa at Deviant Art cc

Photo by Niobesnuppa at Deviant Art cc

It’s here! Four Sundays. Twenty-four Sleeps! Much left to do etc. etc. etc. Don’t panic. I’m talking about Advent.

Traditionally it is a time when we reflect on the meaning of the coming of Jesus into the world. We celebrate by lighting candles & reading different elements of the Christmas story on each of the four Sundays before Christmas Day.

Advent Means

  • Arrival
  • Appearance
  • Occurence
  • Dawn
  • Origin
  • Birth
  • Rise
  • Development

Advent is  experiencing the reality of something already here.

Immanuel – God With Us


Advent In Two Minutes

Stories From The Manger

Over the next three weeks we will be taking a fresh look at the Christmas Story as told in the Gospels of Luke & Matthew.  Immanuel came to deal with real people whose lives were in a mess. At Christmas 2013 the world hasn’t changed. We are still real people with messy lives.  The good news is Immanuel  still changes people & cleans up messes. Watch for these blog posts:

  • Sitting But Distracted
  • Broken Ornaments
  • Worship Replaces Worry
  • Every Story Needs A Hero
  • Broken Ornaments 
  • God With Us
  • The Listener
  • Did You Know?
  • Letter From Dad
  • The Peace Giver
  • Hallelujah

I encourage you  to log on regularly or better yet subscribe & receive the posts in your inbox. Take time to experience Christmas  2013 in a fresh, new way.

Photo by digitpedia Flickr cc

Photo by digitpedia Flickr cc

Immanuel Is Still With Us

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  1. Hi Linda, I love your website and the truth and wisdom you share with us. Thank you. I’m trying to open the Advent calander you posted, but am unable to. What could be the reason? Nothing comes up when I click on each day. Also when Iclick On the Advent box at the end okf the page, nothing happens there either.

    • Hi Donna. The picture was just an image you can’t open it. The site I found it on was actually quite weird. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Please keep me in your prayers & tell your friends to check it out.

  2. Linda…you are such an inspirational writer! Your words and images area always fresh and new and restorative. The Lord has given you a gift and you are putting it to good use!