Just Talk To Me!

Just Talk To Me

Heather & I are in contact everyday. Messages & emails pass between Winnipeg & Calgary with great frequency. Sometimes just seeing things in black & white text on our screen doesn’t do the job. We have to hear each other’s voices to really understand  what is being communicated by the text.

With computers open we just have to talk.

The same thing is true of our relationship with God.

We need a relationship with a person NOT a relationship with a book.

We need to be able to talk to Him.

We need to know He hears us.

We need to know that God listens.

We need to know that God speaks.

So how does that work out in the 9-5 of life?

How does God speak? What is my part in the conversation?

God speaks  most often through his Word. One or more words or verses will seem to jump off the page. This is followed by simple thoughts or ideas that may require some action or some response on my part.

His voice- the verses or thoughts or ideas explode into my heart.

The logos– the written words become rhema– a living word that changes me.

Here is an example from today.

I was reading Psalm 72 as part of my regular practice of reading the Psalms.

Here are the words that caught my attention.

Give Your love of justice to the King.

Help him judge your people in the right way.

Let the poor be always treated fairly.

Help him defend the poor;

To rescue the children of the needy.

And to crush their oppressors.

King David was praying for himself in this psalm. But the name of  our prime minister Justin Trudeau popped into my mind.

I sensed God saying:


His heart is in the right place.

He’s a good man.

Pray for him.

 I’m not going to talk politics. It is enough to say that the verses that came next changed my heart.

They gave me a new perspective on Mr. Trudeau’s decision to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.

It gave me a perspective on God’s design for Justin Trudeau.

He will rescue the poor when they cry to him.

He will help the oppressed who have no one to defend them.

He will redeem them from oppression & violence.

For their lives are precious to Me.

Long Live Justin Trudeau

May All Nations Be Blessed Through Him

May His Own Nation Flourish

My response is to be:

Pray For Him

Bless Him

Be Thankful

Your Turn

For He Is A God

Who Is Passionate

About His Relationship

With You

Exodus 34:14

Take time to reflect on Exodus 34:14:

  • What thoughts, impressions & emotions are surfacing?
  • How is God inviting you to respond?
  • Share your experience with us at admin@lindafode.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Virtually yours


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One thought on “Just Talk To Me!

  1. For you must worship no other gods, but only Jehovah, for he is a God who claims absolute loyalty and exclusive devotion……..What thoughts, …absolute loyalty and exclusive devotion. it’s like God is saying..Angela, I am loyal and devoted to you. for each of My children, ….not many accept it. will you? impressions & emotions are surfacing? to abandon myself to God’s love. the impressions and feelings are TRUST…GET EXCITED. DARE TO BELIEVE.
    How is God inviting you to respond? Just what I wrote above..abandon myself to God’s love.