Just Write- Day 1: Move

FMF JustWrite

The word ‘move’ is a positive  today.

Normally it comes as a negative . Something that a trainer  (as if I ever had one) would say.

I’m not one that gets started easily. I have to cogitate and  worry about things for a long time. I have to get all my materials in order.  I set the stage.  I sort my pencils, choose my notebooks  and then often just get stuck . I don’t  do anything.

I don’t actually move.

This time it is different. After a long hiatus due to moving house my writing has taken a back seat. I haven’t done one Five Minute Friday  word for months  although I have written them in my head.

Today is a new beginning at a lot  of levels.

Just Move !

 Just Write !

And I have!

I have written on this topic  but also on another.

Grace and Peace

Grace and Peace!

I have given myself  grace .

  I  am at peace .

I  say  with confidence.

I am a writer!

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