Just Write – Day 3: New



It’s confession time. New scares me. I resist change. Often new clothes sit in the drawer with tags in place for months. My favorite sweater is ( don’t tell anyone) at least 15 years old.

We moved this summer & apart from the family room furniture almost everything in the house is new.

The adjustment to  a new neighborhood, new house, new kitchen, new appliances has been challenging to say the least. The hundreds ( I exaggerate)  of decisions that had to be made overwhelmed me.

I am technological not mechanical. My electronic toys have toys. Figuring out the microwave with all it’s beeps & messages  has led to more then one explosion of cotton-picking , the most graphic invective in my vocabulary.

At every level  physically, mentally, relationally & spiritually new is getting to be very old .

New often comes with more apprehension then excitement.

Faith vs Fear & Fight

 Where does faith fit in?

Has  God  ever dynamited you out of a familiar & comfortable  situation?

He has done that several times in our life. We found ourselves  suddenly uprooted & going in a direction we never saw coming.

My husband takes these total life changes easily with confidence & joyful expectation.

He even at times makes less  than helpful comments such as moving  (after being in the same house for 35 years) is not an emotional experience. Seriously ?

How do you move forward in faith?

How do you quiet the  fear ?

How to you stop  fighting  & begin to embrace the journey with expectation?

Fingerprints & Anchors

You look back to those times where God did meet you.

You remember & celebrate those times when you experienced His presence & power .  You take  those fingerprints  & anchor  them to the promises of Scripture.

The experiences, the fingerprints make the Word of God real for you.

You can then move to greater trust.

You can walk in faith not fear.

Anchor the experiences  to verses such as:

  • I will never leave you or forsake you  (Jos 1:5).
  • I  have plans for you;  plans to prosper you & not to harm you;  plans to give you a hope & a future. (Jer 29:11)

How About You?

  • What kind of new causes to you to panic?
  • How to you respond?
  • In past times  of scary new where did you see the fingerprints of God?
  • What Scriptures anchor you?
  • Speak out those anchors to defeat  fear.
  • Ask God what faith choices He is asking you to make today.

See you tomorrow.




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2 thoughts on “Just Write – Day 3: New

  1. Linda, this is one of my all-time favorite teachings of yours. This piece just sounds like you. It’s good to read it again. By the way, you may not know this, but I love to shop for clothes. . .so when I come to Calgary, it’s time to shop for a new sweater!! That gives you a few weeks to prepare yourself. Great job writing~