Just Write -Day 4 : Learn



October is a month of endings & beginnings. It is a month of thankfulness & anticipation. October 1 a year ago I launched my blog with a very tentative post- My Fresh Brewed Blog  G coffee 1

What a learning curve it has been.!

There have been times when I wanted to chew on my laptop.

I have learned from Michael Hyatt, Steve Dotto, &  countless others who share  so freely of their skills & motivation. Hey Steve- I am at “inbox zero” most days!

Thank you  Jeff Goins & Christine Royes Niles    for creating & maintaining the  My 500 Words community .

There I :

  •  Embraced the discipline of daily writing.
  •  Found the courage to keep writing.
  • Learned to  touch  hearts  &  heads.
  • Found my voice.
  • Clarified my message.
  • Learned that I  don’t write  for others . I  write for myself.


For Today & For Tomorrow

I Just Write



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