Just Write- Day 5: Stuck


Are you stuck today? Are you trapped in memories of past hurts & failures? Is what happened in your past robbing you of  the present?

Do you fear the future? Are the news headlines keeping you awake at night?

Is fear for your children causing exhaustion as you try to keep them safe? What about the thoughts that there is never enough? Never enough money, or time or support?

Do you believe you are not enough? That you don’t have what it takes to ………..

Are you  trapped in a prison of regret or unforgiveness particularly about yourself.

Being stuck feels like being in a cage. We look out through bars as everyone else does life &  enjoys the present.

PrisonerWhat has you stuck ?

Are you paralysed by failure from your past? Is  fear of  the future robbing you of your present ?

Do you feel you are caged looking out on life?

There is hope & help in Paul’s story.
The writer Paul in the New Testament gives us clues as to how to get unstuck. He dealt with the regrets & massive failures in his past. He received forgiveness from God & others. He mended  the relationships that needed mending. He earned trust in those relationships. He forgave himself. He moved on.  He chose life daily.

Here is what Paul says about the process.




I am still not all I should be.


I am focusing all my energies on  one thing.

I choose to forget the past .

I am looking forward to what lies ahead,

I strain to reach the end of the race

Where I will  receive the prize

God has for me.

Phil 3:13

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Blessings to you are your journey to freedom.




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