Just Write-Day 7: Go

Photo by Ginger Harrington

I made it!

Seven Days            Seven Words          Seven Musings


Writing      Reflecting     Praying     Listening


Five Minutes At A Time!

The seventh word is go but I feel like it should be stop.

Can I re-do the word stuck ? That is how I feel today.

No matter how much I museponder- reflect  there is a blank spot in my head  & in my heart where the words should be.

The miracle happens .

The quiet whisper comes from deep within:

Keep  Going!

It is Him

Keep Going!


With You!

I  choose:

  • To give myself grace
  • To begin again
  • To just do it
  • To just write
  • Not always perfectly
  • Not always on time
  • Not following other’ s rules

One Word     

Five Minutes 

One Day At A Time

I Follow  Him


I Keep Going !


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