L for Light

L for Light 2

The natural always demonstrates the spiritual. The English language  has several words or phrases illustrate the meaning of Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church.

Phrases like  ‘ the light came on’ or ‘it was a lightbulb moment’ describe an experience where something that was difficult to understand; difficult  to grasp became crystal clear.

Floodlights expose & extinguish  darkness. Floodlights enable us to recognize & deal with danger.  Nightlights guide the way from one room to another. They provide a clear path to avoid stumbling .

Lightbulb moments are  moments of revelation. Out of that revelation; out of a new understanding a person is able to move forward  with confidence in challenging  situations.

I have often heard people say things like ‘I know in my head that God loves me; that he forgives me &  that he is with me but it hasn’t dropped into my heart.’

It is not supposed to.  God speaks to our hearts not our heads. Spiritual realities are spiritually revealed.

Paul addresses just that issue when he prays :

  I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can  understand what God has promised & is now available to you.

Paul wanted them to  know:

  • that they were chosen, adopted, forgiven & blameless .
  • that God  would give them wisdom to know what to do
  • that God would give discernment to know good from evil.
  • that God’s power was available them.


The post  J for Joined Together  talks about the most amazing truth of all.  It talks about the truth that God dwells in us . The Father & Jesus by the Spirit come to dwell in our spirit; in our inner being.

Like many of us the Ephesians had gone backward. Their First Love was no longer their first love.

Doing for God may have become more important than being with God.

They were in danger of being  caged again by darkness, discouragement , deception & depression.

They may have been living  out of  head knowledge (gnosis) about the Lord instead of  out of deep experiential knowledge; out of heart knowledge (epignosis).

Lightbulb Moments

They needed a fresh lightbulb moment.

They needed Holy Spirit to touch their spirit.

They needed  a fresh revelation & fresh experience that they were the loved, chosen, adopted children of God.

They needed to have their hearts – their inner being flooded again with light.

We need to have our heart flooded again with light.

How Do We  Do That?

Psalm 27:8  gives us a model:

My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come And Talk With Me

My Heart Responds

Lord I Am Coming

Step 1 : Take time today for a two way conversation with God . Allow at least 30 minutes.

Step 2: Ask Him to flood your heart with light.

Step 3: Read Ephesians 1:4-5  slowly several times.

Long ago even before he made the world God loved you .

He  chose you to be holy and blameless  in his eyes .

His plan was always to adopt you into his own family.

This gave him great pleasure.

Step 4 : Tell God which words are hard for you to believe about yourself.  Ask God why?

Step 5:  Give Him opportunity to respond.  What does He say?

Step 6: Write down your thoughts/impressions .

Virtually yours


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