LegacyLately, I have been giving a great deal of thought to the difference between legacy & inheritance.

Inheritance is looked at from the vantage point of the receiver. Inheritance gifts your children with money & things. Inheritance may be squandered  or multiplied.

Inheritance is temporal.

Legacy is determined by  the viewpoint of the giver. Legacy demonstrates  values & character. Legacy answers the question “What has been the theme of my  life?”

Legacy gifts your children with roots & wings. Legacy equips your children for life & for death. Legacy has  inter-generational transfer until Jesus come.

Legacy is eternal.

David gave an inheritance & a legacy to his son Solomon.

David’s inheritance was a kingdom.

David’s legacy was a passion for intimacy with God.

Solomon embraced both the  inheritance & the legacy of his father.

Solomon’s desire  as reflected in the book of Proverbs was

  • that his children would listen to him
  • that they  would embrace the principles  leading  to a blessed life
  • that they would listen to the Voice of Wisdom- the voice of God
  • that  they would  would fear the Lord & walk in his  Presence

Listen My Son to Your Father’s Instruction
Do Not Forsake Your Mother’s Teaching
They Will Be A Garland To Grace Your Head
And A Chain To Adorn Your Head

Listen to Wisdom
Search For Her
As For  Hidden Treasure

You Will Understand
The Fear of the Lord
You Will Know God

The Inheritance &  Legacy of David

The  Inheritance & Legacy of Solomon

Lives Eternally

In  A King Named Jesus

What Is Your Legacy?

Virtually yours


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