Legitimate Needs-Illegitimate Means


Our post Come This Way took a look at what the word repent means. We said that repentance is not the same as confession.

Confession is that the acknowledgement that:

  • what we did was wrong
  • what we did or continue to do isn’t working
  • my choices or actions have hurt myself & others
  • I am sorry about those choices or actions
  • I want to change

Repentance means to be going in one direction & then to make a radical turn.

Repentance is a radical change of :

  • direction
  • a habit
  • a lifestyle
  • an attitude


We looked at Mark 1:15.  The NIV version says: Repent & Believe the Good News.

The NLT  version  adds a word- Repent of Your Sins & Believe the Good News.

It doesn’t say confess your sins. It says turn from your sins.

There is a huge difference.  To really grasp that difference  I believe we need to have a workable definition of sin.

Sin is Meeting A Legitimate Need In An Illegitimate Way 


A few weeks ago I wrote the  post called Homemade Please.   I shared the story of a family birthday that tied comfort foods with comforting relationships.  I  shared  how the phrase ‘ solid chocolate bunnies from Woolworths ‘ brings comfort to my children as they remember their grandma.

The problem arises when we go to the comfort food to meet a need for comfort.

 We Try to Meet a Legitimate Need In  An Illegitimate Way  


Meals are meant to be times where there is peace, safety , connection & comfort. Growing up,most meals were times of conflict or awkward silence.  Occasionally we would have a less stressful mealtime.  In my memory, those meals are tied to a memory of what was served.

Kraft Dinner & Beet Pickles!


Cooking a package of Kraft Dinner & even consuming the whole thing will never fill the real hole- not in my stomach nor  in my heart.

My need for comforting relationships is a legitimate need.

I have the right to know  that:

  • I am  safe,
  • I am welcome
  • I belong
  • I have worth
  • I can contribute
  • I have something to offer


The  problem for me & for you is that  we try to meet those legitimate needs in ways that aren’t working. Ways that have & are causing  real damage.

Sin is trying to meet our own needs in ways that  aren’t working . Sin meets legitimate needs in ways that damage us & others .

In the post Come This Way  I had you answer  the question:

What Am I Doing That Isn’t Working?

Today’s question is :

Which of My Legitimate Needs Aren’t Being Met?

Be sure to share your answers with us at  admin@lindafode.com.

Virtually yours


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