Let’s Talk!

It’s ‘Just  Coffee’.

When we have coffee next week , what do I want to say to you? What do I want to ask you ? It’s been awhile since we have connected.

There have been massive life changes for both of us. Some were very good changes where we saw God’s blessing & provision. Some were difficult & perplexing .

We were left feeling abandoned & alone -sometimes by people; many times by God.

I want to say how much I have missed you. I’ve missed your honesty.  I’ve missed the way you express joy & anger with the same intensity.

I know we will spend time catching up on family. I look forward , my friend to hearing about your children’s accomplishments- things like graduations & romances; adventures & misadventures.

I will share about moving, about gains & losses, joys & sorrows, kids & grand kids. We will throw in a few grand puppy stories.

There will be lots of ‘dogs have owners & cats have staff’ ‘ quips.

I look forward to both tears & laughter over Chinese food.

It’s never ‘just coffee’ is it?

It is a time to be able to be real. To be able to say how it is for us on the inside.

Here comes the ‘Linda type questions’!
• How Is Your Relationship With God?
• How do you listen?
• What is He saying?

I would tell you how Rick Warren’s post Personalize God’s Word to Change Your Life has changed my prayer life.

Here is what I learned .


Put your name in the place of pronouns or nouns in Scripture. You’ll strengthen your faith and encourage yourself.


Rewrite the verse as if God is talking directly to you. God’s words to you will bring tears to your eyes.


Ask Him questions such as:
• If this is real what difference will it make today?
• what are You saying to me?
• what is blocking me from believing this verse is true?
• why can’t I hear you?


Write down what you hear God saying.

My Example

I’ve began this good work of writing in you, Linda. I will continue to empower & resource you until it is finally finished on the day that Jesus returns.

Your words, Linda will have impact long after you have written them. They are part of the legacy you leave behind.

Just keep trusting that this is Me. Just keep showing up. Just keep writing.

Your Turn

I am sure that God who began the good work within you, will continue His work until it is finally finished on that day when Christ Jesus comes back again. (Philippians 1:6)

                                               Make It Personal

Replace – Rewrite – Respond – Record

This post was originally written in October 2014 . It was dedicated to my good friend Cindy. You have enriched my life.

As I write today I am looking forward to coffee next Monday with another forever friend . Can’t wait to talk with you, Naomi.

Virtually Yours



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