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After a lifetime of vocations & avocations including fifteen years in full time ministry I’m in a new season.

I Am A Writer

A friend calls her writing -The Ministry of the Printed Page. As I come from a long-line of writers & story tellers I prefer to call my writing -A Ministry of Parables.


Parables are ordinary stories that convey a spiritual truth.

Jesus taught in parables. So often  the people didn’t understand what Jesus was actually saying.

Only those who were willing to be in dialogue with Jesus, asking him uncomfortable questions came to understand the point of his stories .

As they grew in their  understanding of who God was & who they were they changed.

I tend to learn, grow & change by listening in the white spaces of Scripture & of life. I  ask  lots of  What If  &  So What types of questions.

I ask hard questions & real questions especially as I interact with God & with myself.


My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come And Talk With Me

And My Heart Responds

Lord I Am Coming

(Psalm 27:8 )

The Invitation

Psalm 27:8 invites us to a conversation with God.

A conversation where both  God & I get to ask  the What If So What type of questions.

We both get to talk.

Over the next few months I will be sharing some of  my conversations with God.

If you & I had coffee these would be the stories, the parables I would most want to talk about.

They are stories with a point.

They have changed me & I pray that they will change you.


Each post will include a conversation starter for you to use as you come & talk with God.

The conversations  will be the place where you  can find freedom from the things that keep you bound up – caged up.


Free to Live

From  A

Responsive Heart


Conversation Starter:

  • Take sometime to sit with pen & notebook.
  • Ask God to remind you of the times when you did hear his voice.
  • Write down the thoughts or impressions that come to mind.
  • If Psalm 27:8 is true what would you say to Him?
  • If Psalm 27:8 is true what does He say to you?

Let’s Talk !

I invite you to join the conversation. See you again soon.

Virtually yours




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