Letter From Dad


Father 3 We have looked at Jesus as

 John 1: 10-12 begins to unfold  the third name

Everlasting Father

The  One Who Adopts Us

Jesus  came into the very world He created, but the world didn’t recognize Him.  He came to his own people, and even they rejected Him but to all who believed Him and accepted Him, Jesus gave the right to become  the children of God.

Jesus came for three purposes:

  • Revelation–  Jesus revealed God as Father.
  • Relationship– Jesus taught us how to have relationship with our Father.
  • Reconciliation– Jesus’ death on the Cross restored relationship with the Father.

We must choose to respond in three ways:

  • Believe that we are restored, that we have relationship as chosen, adopted children
  • Choose to Belong. You are not an orphan!
  • Become all that your Father designed & empowers you to be.



Photo by Lyle Aspinall (Sun News)

Photo by Lyle Aspinall (Sun News)


Future posts will unpack these amazing truths.

For today just take the time to listen to a your Father’s Love Letter.


Whether you are two or eighty-two

You are still His kid 

He adores you

Look in His eyes!



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