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LIke or Share

The ladies of the white church on the traffic circle in McKenzie Towne have found a secret. They have found the secret to living connected.

Connected to

  • themselves
  • others
  • God

They have found  the secret of how to connect with those they can’t see & can’t hear.

They have discovered the secret to having:

Real But Virtual Relationships 

Virtual Relationships That Connect

Heaven with Earth

Virtual Relationships That Bring

Hope & Peace Into  

 The Chaos of  Everyday Life


The secret is a  Facebook Group called MTC Ladies. The entire purpose is to share life , share struggles & pray for each other.


 It’s Confidential 

It’s Real

Real Time Prayers

For The 

Real Time Problems


Real People


Let me give you an example. I told you on Wednesday about my reader whose baby was born at 26 weeks gestation.

I was devasted for her & in tears. I didn’t have the words to pray or to even understand the ‘why of the situation’?

With the mom’s permission I posted the details on MTC Ladies.

Here is the sequence of posts with like & comments

  • Friend in labor at  25weeks  (9 Likes & 13 comments)
  • Great news ( 9 Likes & 2 comments)
  • Bleeding & contracting (7 Likes & 11 comments)
  • Baby born – 2 lbs, 2 oz (19 Likes & 18 comments
  • First photo (26 Likes & 3 comments)

I could continue but here are the points  I want to make.

I struggle with prayer.  I  feel guilty about my  prayer life.  Movies like War Room both  motivate & frustrate me . I need a simple model.

A Simple Model 

In  the MTC Ladies Facebook group I found a simple model that works.


We Connect With Each Other

Real time & Real Issues

Touched by The Stories

We Respond to The Request for Prayer 

We Hit the Like Button

God Sees That Like 

He Responds 


Baby Liam is still here. Still thriving! Against all odds . If he had been born just one week earlier he would have qualified for a late term abortion.


God Believes in life

God Believed in Liam’s life 

He Responded to Prayers 

From 257 Ladies Who Prayed 


You Responded

To A Tiny Bing

On Your iPhone

You Read the Post 

 You Hit The Like Button

You Prayed

God Answered 


Call On Me & I will Answer

Jeremiah 33:33

We then go a little deeper . We take time to comment.  God sees as we write. He sees as we take the time to enter into relationship.

For Liam’s mom, a comment on the First Photo  of little Liam brought great comfort & hope.

“Little sweetheart! He looks beautiful…. Our good friends three grandchildren were all born prematurely & none were over 1.6 pounds but God kept them safe  Today, they are doing so well.. Ages 6-11. They’re so bright and talented. We will pray that God will continue to knit this little boy even if he had to leave his Mom’s cozy “nest” so early.”

We are tormented by thoughts like:

  • I don’t pray enough
  • I don’t know how
  • Do my little prayers make any difference?

The Enemy would want you to think

  • This is too simple
  • Hitting Like on Facebook isn’t real prayer
  • What a waste of time
  • Go do something ‘spiritual’



Jesus Came to Real people with Real Needs 

He Came Into the Middle of Their Messes 

Jesus Still Comes Into Our Messy Lives

Jesus Acts in Response to Our Prayers


Even ‘Like’ Button Prayers


And Pray in the Spirit on all occasions

With all kinds of prayers & requests

With this in mind, stay alert

Always keep on praying

For all the Lord’s people

Ephesians 6:18

Keep Praying ‘Like’ Button Prayers 

MTC  Ladies – You Are Making  A Difference


Tell us the story of your ‘Like Button’ prayers. Email us at

Virtually yours


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