Next Step Options

Next Step Options

We  have been talking about how to have a relationship with God . We need a relationship with a person NOT a relationship with a book.

  • We need to be able talk to Him
  • We need to know He hears us
  • We need to know that God Listens
  • We need to know that God Speaks


So how does this work  in the 9-5 of life?

We can’t see or hear him physically.  It’s a virtual relationship much like the relationship Heather & I have with you.

We ask questions like:

  • How does God speak?
  • What is my part in the conversation ?
  • What do I say ?
  • How do I get specific?
  • How does He answer?


Becky Tirabassi recounts a story in her book Let God Talk To You that addresses just these questions.


A friends daughter was desperately ill . There was little hope . Her body was being ravaged by an unknown virus.

Her father stands over her & boldly pours out his heart & soul to God. He doesn’t hold back. He doesn’t fear.

He believes God can intervene so he asks; he prays.  Others stand with him in simple, honest prayer.


There is no formula. There is  just sincere pleading & quiet waiting. 


Yet God speaks. How?

God gives:

  • noticeable courage to the family
  • strength in the midst of fatigue
  • the daughter’s heart keeps beating
  • With eyes closed the girl gives a thumbs up signal


With each new day, with each new obstacle the family gathers.  They take the next step options & discuss them with God.

Then they wait. They wait for God to talk to them by giving them confidence to move in a specific direction.

They don’t move until they sense His peace in their hearts & minds.

They keep listening for God to speak.

These parents understand that no amount of money, education or medicine can stop an unknown bacterium & restore a battered heart or brain.

They understand that they can’t replay a twenty-four hour period & magically edit out the bad parts.

Only God can do something that impossible. Only God can carry them through every valley & over every mountain.

So they continue to listen . Dependent & desperate they continuously & courageously call out to God .

They wait expectantly.


Truly Desperate People

Don’t Ignore

Don’t Underestimate

The Supernatural

They Seek It


Next Step Options

Many of you are feeling pretty desperate. You are caught in what seem like irresolvable situations.

It could be a health crisis or job loss. Are you in a very messy marriage?


Jesus Came to Be With Us 

In The Middle of The  Mess


It’s not just the future that is the problem.

We need to know what our options are today.


Don’t Worry About Anything 

Instead Pray About Everything 

Tell God What You Need 

Thank Him For All He’s Done 

You Will Experience God’s Peace 

Which Exceeds Anything You Can Understand 

His Peace Will Guard Your Heart & Your Mind 

Philippians 4:6-7

Next Step Options

Tell God about your messy today.

Pour out:

  • your worries
  • your concerns
  • your fears
  • your anger
  • your hurt


When the Thoughts & Emotions

Have Dissipated

Breathe in His Peace

 Listen For His

Next Step Options

Once again we invite you to share your responses at  We look forward to hearing from you.

Virtually yours




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