One Year Later

One Year


There Is A Time For Everything

A Season For Every Activity

Under Heaven

Last week marked the first anniversary of the Alberta Floods 2013. The most costly & devastating natural disaster in Canadian history changed forever our province, our communities , our city and our people. The floods changed our family. The floods  changed me.

 Appointed Time – Appropriate Time

Friday, June 20 was the appropriate time. It was the appointed time for us to cry and to laugh; to grieve and to dance.

It was a week when we were quiet.

Once again we had few words.

There were  only memories and tears.

It was a week of speaking, A week of sharing stories. A week of remembering.

A Time To Be Born &  A Time To Die

We remembered the baby girl born as the hospital was being evacuated- no power- no lights. Just staff with flashlights & skills to usher the little one into what seemed like a hopeless situation.

We remember the five lives that were lost.

We remember the destruction of dreams, of businesses, of homes & of the land.

The before of life eclipsed by the horror of  the now.

A Time to Gather

We remember those who came & gave  of themselves.

The volunteers who came to High River outnumbering the population of the town.

Roadworkers from the USA  came with equipment & sandwiches to re-create our son’s driveway.

They filled the hole not only in his stomach but in his heart.

Photo by Lyle Aspinall (Sun News)

Photo by Lyle Aspinall (Sun News)


Everyday Heroes

Who can forget the iconic picture of  Shawn Wiebe from Nanton & the lady who commented that it had been a long time since she had been carried by a handsome young man?

Young, old & everything in-between. They brought food & sometimes beer. Shovels & rubber boots were the costume of the days that turned into weeks.

They gave their time, their muscles & their presence.They gave the term stay-cation new meaning.

They often put down the shovels .

They ignored the tyranny of the mud & mess.


            They  Just Listened

        Muddy Hands Holding Muddy Hands

Healing Broken Hearts



A Time to Tear Down & A Time to Rebuild


Together We Climbed

The Steps Of

Rescue & Recovery

Repair & Rebuilding

Releasing & Restoring




The Renewal of Hope !

Photo by Otto Bixler

Photo by Otto Bixler


There Is A Time For Everything

A Season For Every Activity

Under Heaven





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3 thoughts on “One Year Later

  1. That was a great post. It gave us an accurate picture of what you went through but it also depicted just what it meant emotionally as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, Linda, we had no idea! – though, of course, we were focused on our own floods, the Somerset Levels (sic – not) spent over a month under water, and whilst we didn’t hear about babies born in the dark, there were stories about the bravery of the emergency services and the despair of the isolated villagers.
    The Bible refers to ‘End Times’ and we’ve been busily encouraging the advance of those with Global Warming factors but all this water? Not just flooding (though enough of that) but landslides with villages covered in tonnes of rubble and ‘freak’ tidal surges causing other villages to wash away.
    Is our Lord asking us to wake up and hear the thunder?
    Are we too busy pointing at those foolish men on the (until recently, perfectly solid) sand?
    It’s certainly time we ‘wised up’ and started to Love our fellow man as ourselves, and foremost to Love our God.
    Love you Linda,
    Nick J-M.