Absent Without Leave

So, I have been AWOL for about six weeks.  Thanks  to all those who asked where I have been & wondered if everything is OK. The truth is I have been just MUSING! That’s a word you don’t hear very often . It brings up images of southern belles on lawn chaises drinking Mint Juleps […]

When Faith Is Spelled RISK

Faith can be described in one word- RISK. Every new choice ; every change of direction ; every letting go of old ways of doing something & embracing new options has risk. Our story today is about two people: Jairus, a synagogue leader who’s daughter lay dying a woman who had been bleeding for 12 […]

Pink or Blue-Who Are You?

God Created Man In His Own Image  Male & Female He Created Them  Genesis 1:27    Men Tend To Be Purpose driven. Women Are Relationship Driven. Both Motivations Reflect the Image of God Male  Men are about doing. strength & action protection & provision man initiates life Men ask the questions : Am I enough? Do […]

Why Leave Your Nets?

Why did four fisherman take time to leave their responsibilities behind & choose to follow Jesus? What prompted them to pursue a relationship with Jesus? Why did they choose to become actively identified with Jesus? Why invest in a relationship that could cost them everything? We can understand why the crowds followed Jesus. They were desperate. […]

Immediate Attention Needed

We are two weeks into our face paced, action oriented road trip through the book of Mark. You will recall that the book was written to people who had the courage to ask : What Difference Does Connecting With Jesus Make in My Everyday Life?  It was written for people just like us. People who had never seen […]