Good News- The Time Has Arrived

I love reading mystery novels. I love the twists, the turns & the unknown ending. The whole point of a good mystery is that you know the ending will turn out well. There will be lots of questions, confusions & troubles.   But in the end things will turn out right; turn out with the hero […]

I Don’t Know What To Pray!

We’re going to take a bit of a detour today. Many times we find ourselves in  seemingly impossible situations.  We don’t understand. We don’t know anyway forward.  We can’t change the situation.   We really can’t see how or if God can change the situation. We feel stuck.  We don’t know how to pray. Several years […]

Legitimate Needs-Illegitimate Means

Our post Come This Way took a look at what the word repent means. We said that repentance is not the same as confession. Confession is that the acknowledgement that: what we did was wrong what we did or continue to do isn’t working my choices or actions have hurt myself & others I am […]

Come This Way!

As we begin our roadtrip  one phrase from Mark 1:15 stands out. Repent & Believe the Good News  The questions become: what does repent mean ? what is belief ? what is the good news? The New Century Version puts it this way: Change Your Hearts & Lives & Believe the Good News The problem is […]

Who’s Ready For A Road Trip?

Who loves Road Trips ? I love the freedom. No real plans! Little luggage! Just a get in the car & go. Last summer I took a virtual roadtrip through Psalm 23. Several ladies came along. Our lives changed as we got to know an ancient shepherd . We came to appreciate that ‘sheepishness’ is actually […]