Paralysing Statements

Paralysing Statements

A recent guest post on Jeff Goins site caught my attention. It was entitled Three Paralysing Statements That Keep You From Your Best Work. The post was written from the perspective of a writer but the examples of statements that paralyze us; keep us from moving forward or moving back can apply to any area of our lives.

The post listed three examples:

  • Someone Else Can Do It Better
  • I’m Not Ready
  • I’m Wasting My Time


It’s a month since I launched this blog but almost a year had passed before I found the courage to go public.

I was  paralysed.  I was afraid to move forward; afraid to practise in public, afraid to be vulnerable, afraid that nobody would comment & afraid that they would.  I was afraid to embrace the dream  & afraid to  give it  up .

All of the above statements rang through my head and my heart keeping me locked in place. The statement that caused the greatest paralysis was not on the above list nor on the image at the top of this post.

You Will Sound Stupid

This was the  statement that stopped me in my tracks.

For the last twenty years of my life  I have talked for a living. I am a teacher, counselor, coach & motivational speaker. Admittedly, my mouth often gets ahead of my busy brain & I get in trouble. I’ll tell that story another time. By in large I am confident as a speaker.

I wasn’t stopped from public speaking but from public writing. I recently committed to writing a book review for I Deserve A Donut written by virtual friend & writer Barb Raveling.  Barb has an app by the same name which is amazingly helpful.  It has been the best $1.99  I’ve spent in a long while.

It took me several days & a bucket full of guilt before I could actually sit down & write that review.  I was terrified that I would  sound stupid. Where was the statement that paralysed rooted? How was it connected with  sharing my writing & not with my  public speaking? What is the truth in the midst of the lies that paralyse?

It Must Be Cold To Be A Cow

We were traveling across the prairies in  mid-winter on a trip from Edmonton to Saskatoon.  Mile after mile of barren, windswept snow covered fields showed no sign of life except the odd herd of cows all facing away from the wind. Even at eight I thought about thoughts that few people ever entertain. That day  I vocalized the thought “It must be cold to be a cow”.  At -30F that was likely an accurate observation but it was the gales of laughter that erupted from my parents & brother that devastated.  My innocent remark became a family story that was repeated often even into my adulthood. My words became a family joke. The laughter cemented the belief that I will sound stupid.

When I teach or speak publicly the words come easily. The words are inspired by what I’ve been taught or experienced. There is freedom & confidence. It is the vehicle: the powerpoint presentations, the images, the titles that I agonize over.

In writing Unveiled: Design to Destiny I struggle more with the titles & the images then the content.

Writing, art, music, dance are all creative disciplines. They make something out of nothing.

They are about the container as much as  the content. They are deeply personal.

They are birthed not made. They image what God  planned for us before the foundation of the earth & breathed into us at our conception.  We are His masterpiece; His workmanship.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made 

It wasn’t only the content that was rejected on that winter day. The little girl with the busy brain & the observant heart  was humiliated & dismissed.  Statement after statement were added to the list.

  • Too much
  • Be quiet
  • Be like
  • Quit
  • Don’t be like

There were so many labels that  she missed the central statement- You are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made . You bring something unique to the world that no one else can bring.  You will know the truth about you & you will be set Free!

What About You ?

  • What would you add to the image at the top of the post?
  • What are your top three  statements?
  • How do  you identify with the three statements listed above?
  • How are you paralysed?
  • What are the roots?
  • How are you designed?
  • What is the deposit God has placed within you?
  • What is the cost of freedom?


Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex.

Your workmanship is marvelous.

I want to know that as Truth.

Set Me Free!








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4 thoughts on “Paralysing Statements

  1. Boy, Linda, we have so much in common. I had all these same fears when I first started blogging. It was incredibly painful to blog for a long time. I wrote some posts about it on my blog when I was working through the issues.

    I also enjoy speaking far more than writing. I love to teach. But it seems like God is also calling me to be a writer. It’s scary!

    I am still not over the struggle, but it’s getting far easier. And I think it will get easier for you as well!

    Thanks for mentioning my book and app, I’ve used the questions on it over and over again to break free from the negative emotions that come from my own struggles with writing.

    Am also working on a new set of questions for accomplishing a goal and/or ending procrastination.

    Thanks also for the review!

  2. What would you add to the image at the top of the post? ..I have a picture that i have used for my posts at FSH of picture of a lady that was painted, she is sitting in a hair, dressed in a black knee length dress, her head bent and her hands covering her face.

    What are your top three statements?

    Your never going to make it.
    Your not good enough.
    It’s too hard.

    How do you identify with the three statements listed above?

    Heard those same lies in my head enough times.

    What are the roots?

    I’ve been sharing lately that these ‘root’s can be dated back to the time of the Garden of Eden when Eve believed the first lie.

    How are you designed?

    Designed for a purpose, to be a warrior princess daughter of the Most High God,designed not to fear bad news for my confidence is in the Lord God to care for me, designed to face my foes triumphantly!~

    What is the cost of freedom?

    Doing the right thing is hard, it doesn’t make you the most popular and you will have to push past the pain to receive the freedom!~

    Just ask anyone that is going through chemo and radiation to receive their freedom from a disease that is attacking them.

    Just ask the gentleman I know who woke up to having both his hands and his legs amputated because his body had gone into toxic shock and it his parents had to make that decision to have his limps amputated and live…that was the cost of freedom…

    Just ask my own family as we journey through the pain of letting go of dysfunctional behavior, generational curses and years of listening to the evil ones lies…

    The cost of freedom is letting go of the lies, the fears, the anxiety, and looking like a fool…..

    blessings, and thank you so much Linda..((hugs))

  3. Linda, As usual, you hit the nail on the head! Even as I was reading the post, I could feel an undercurrent of emotions asking for my attention. Thank you for being bold enough to share the real you!! This post gives me the tools and courage to look at some areas of paralysis in my own life. Keep writing!