Pink or Blue-Who Are You?

Faith Has Made You Whole

God Created Man In His Own Image 

Male & Female He Created Them 

Genesis 1:27 


Men Tend To Be Purpose driven.

Women Are Relationship Driven.

Both Motivations Reflect the Image of God


Men are about doing.

  • strength & action
  • protection & provision
  • man initiates life

Men ask the questions :

  • Am I enough?
  • Do I have what it takes?

Men are can be devastated by the loss of their jobs or by loss of the ability to provide for or protect their family. Their identity as provider or protector is shattered.


Women are about being.

  • relationships
  • creativity
  • beauty
  • women bear life; nurture life

Women ask the questions:

  • Am I lovable?
  • Am I beautiful?

Women are devastated by loss of their home. Loss of relationships can shatter their self-worth.

We have looked at two healing stories in the book of Mark. We looked at the story of the man with leprosy. We looked at the story of Peter’s mother -in -law.

Leprosy had robbed the man of all ability to provide for & protect his family.  He had little strength to meet his own physical needs; never mind those of his family. Employment was impossible. He was isolated in a camp  with others suffering the same affliction. Jesus healed the man completely. He was restored completely.  Physically & relationally & spiritually.  Strength & action returned. He was able to provide for & protect those he loved. He went everywhere spreading the good news.

The man with leprosy knelt in front of Jesus & begged him to make him well again.

 Moved with compassion, Jesus touched him & said “Be Healed”.

Instantly the the leprosy disappeared -the man was healed. 

The healing of Peter’s mother-in-law was much simpler but equally as profound. She was unable to be the woman, the mom in the home that she longed to be. She couldn’t provide a beautiful meal for Peter’s friends. She felt ashamed & disappointed. A little hiccup in the scheme of things. but the Enemy could use it to shatter her confidence & self-worth.

Jesus took her hand & helped her sit up.

The fever suddenly left.

She got up & prepared a meal for them. 

We all need a touch from Jesus.

We may need Him to touch :

  • our bodies
  • our finances
  • our relationships
  • our anxieties

We  all need him to touch our fractured identity.

We  all need to hear him say:

  • you are enough
  • you have what it takes
  • you are loved
  • you are beautiful

 Beloved Son

Beloved Daughter

I Created You 

You Are Not a Mistake 

You Are Not a Failure

Let Me Touch You 


We all need a fresh touch from Jesus.

This weekend I invite you to spend time again with two previous posts.

Will you let Jesus touch you in those places that have shattered your identity?

  • Tell Him those things that you are afraid to tell yourself.
  • Let Him respond.

Virtually yours


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