Pray the WRITE Way

31 Days WRITE

Welcome To

Pray the WRITE Way

A Journey In Conversational Prayer


31 in 31

This dynamic, inspirational & practical series is designed to enable you to have

31 Conversations


 31 Days


Praying the WRITE Way

The Invitation

I pray that you will join the conversations.

Virtually yours



Series Links

Day 1    Let’s Get Started                                                                                           

Day 2   Where Are You?

Day 3   Hungry?

Day 4   Comfort Zones

Day 5   The Meeting Place

Day 6   Trust

Day 7   Distractions 

Day 8   Life Goal

Day 9   Exploding Words

Day 10  Choices

Day 11  Change of Habit

Day 12  Caused To Remember

Day 13  Discouraged

Day 14  Taken Hostage

Day 15  It’s Time

Day 16 Core Lies

Day 17 Worship or Worry

Day 18 Everyday Heroes

Day 19 He’s With Me

Day 20 The Listener

Day 21 New Normal

Day 22 Letter From Home

Day 23 Panic or Peace

Day 24 The Interview

Day 25 A Dire Prophecy

Day 26 The Lost Week

Day 27 Three Words

Day 28 Just Talk To Me

Day 29 Worried or Concerned

Day 30 Get Specific

Day 31 Next Step Options



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