R for Roots


May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvellous love.

May you have the power to understand how wide, how long & how deep his love really is.

We have heard these words; heard the words Jesus Loves Me – God Loves Me so often that they may seem trite or even meaningless in the day to day of life.

The questions I ask & that you may have the boldness to ask are :

  • What does God’s love look like in the 9-5 of life?
  • How do I experience that love?
  • How do I grasp on to  it or understand it ?

I am a counsellor. I walk with people in the darkest moments of their lives. I walk with them through  the endings, the dark in-between & the tentative new beginnings. Few people come for preventative maintenance.

They come because they  have nothing but questions.

Why? Where is God? What do I do with my anger? Is it my fault?

The list is endless. Thoughts of failure, blame & abandonment fill their heads & crush their hearts.

Trusting a loving God or  trusting that God loves them often seems futile & unreal.

Over & over we are told “God is Love”. Positionally, theologically we believe that is true.

From Belief to Trust

How do we move from a belief , a theological position that God loves me to an experiential reality?

How do I become rooted in the truth that  I have been loved by God.  How do I live with expectancy that I am loved by God?

How do I get stabilized, rooted by  God’s love when every leaf on the tree that is my life has been shaken or torn off ? Branches are broken & the tree sways in the wind.

What prevents collapse?

We need to believe & trust at the core of our being that we are loved. We need to believe & trust that we are loved in a way that leads to action on our behalf.

Theologically or in our heads we know God loves us. Experientially we have a way to go.

The answer to Paul’s prayer  that our roots would go down deep into the soil of God’s love is found in the post B for Blameless.

We talked about the struggle to accept the fact that we are without fault in his eyes.

Most of us have settled the issue of guilt. We experience the forgiveness of God & have a security, a belief/trust in our home in eternity.

We struggle with being home in the 9-5 of life. Like Adam & Eve in the Garden we hide from God & others- naked & ashamed.

Positionally we are blameless (without fault) in His eyes.

Experientially, we would rather be a servant than a son or daughter of the Father.

We go back to doing for God rather then being with God. Religion not relationship.

Jesus settled the sin/guilt issue by shedding his blood on the Cross.

He settled another issue on the Cross. He settled the issue of shame.

Colossians 2:15-16 puts it is way:

In this way God disarmed the evil rulers & authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the Cross. So don’t let anyone condemn you.

In Revelations 12: 10-11 we read

The Accuser has been thrown down to the earth- the one who accused our brothers & sisters before God, night & day. And they defeat him because of the blood of the Lamb & the word of their testimony.

Positionally the payment for our sins has been paid. Experientially we  have to appropriate that forgiveness daily.

The Accuser can never again say to God  that you are guilty.  The Accuser can’t tell God – she/ he is shameful.


  • The Accuser has been disarmed.
  • The Accuser has been thrown out of Heaven
  • The Accuser can’t talk to God about us.
  • The Accuser lives on the earth.
  • The Accuser can still talk to us

The Accuser Still Asks Us the Same Question

Did God Really Say ?

Did God really say?

  • You are  loved, adopted, chosen
  • You are forgiven
  • You are without fault in my eyes
  • You are indwelled by my Holy Spirt

Sin  Needs to Be Forgiven
Guilt Needs to Be Removed
Shame Needs to Be Healed


Become A Johnny Jump Up

JJU1I love Johnny Jump Ups. They are such courageous, adventurous little flowers. They grow & thrive against all odds in places you would never expect.

Last summer I had a little  Johnny Jump Up on my patio between two of the cement blocks. Even in the heat of summer with no rain it bloomed & multiplied.

By the time we moved last August there were at least six blooms.

No external care on my part fostered it’s growth. Sand & plastic fought hard to prevent the  intrusion that brought life, color & beauty to my patio.

Johnny was definitely rooted & thriving.

Once Again the Natural Demonstrates the Spiritual.
When the Accuser  Whispers
Did God Really Say?
We Counter The Attack
Overcome the Obstacles
We Say
Yes He Did!

I am ____________

Say this :

I have no reason to be ashamed


I know whom I have believed

I am convinced that

Jesus is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him

Jesus I believe ________________________

Jesus I entrust _________________________


I Am Without Fault In Yours Eyes

I Am Your Johnny Jump Up

Rooted & Thriving In Your Love

Virtually yours



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