Psalm 23 Road TripI love Roadtrips. Other then the date of departure & minimal packing you climb in the vehicle & begin.

Roadtrips  are a time of intimacy; getting to know friends, old or new at a whole new level.

You see your world & theirs from a new perspective.

All get to listen & to speak.

We tell stories about past memories, present realities & future dreams.

We create new memories & a new history.

 Roadtrip 2015

This summer I and  several other ladies took a roadtrip with an Ancient Shepherd through  Psalm Twenty-Three.

We roamed through range land & wheat fields.  We faced dark valleys in a thunderstorm while climbing to sun-kissed mountain peaks.

The Shepherd talked about cattle ranchers & sheep farmers.

He told stories about  sheep & shepherds, wheat & weeds, soil & dirt, flocks & vineyards .

He told of  traveling through storms, wind, deserts & valleys.

Mostly He talked about his life as The  Shepherd– past & present.

We entered into personal relationship  with Him in the now of our lives.

The personal relationship we signed up for became reality.

 A  Map & A Dream

We took nothing with us except:

  •   A Map
    • The six verses of Psalm 23
  •  A Dream 
    • To hear his Voice
    • To sense his Presence




We discovered a simple way to have real relationship with Jesus.

We could easily sense his presence . We could hear his voice.

Prayer became a delight not just a duty.

We learned about the follies of sheep & the faithfulness of shepherds.


Lollipops – Poodles – Mushrooms

Became Words

That Set Us Free




Over the next two weeks I will be sharing highlights  from our  journey through Psalm 23. Watch for the posts in your inbox.

Virtually yours


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