As I focused on Isaiah 54:10 this morning, the people and island of Hawaii came to mind. The volcano on the big island threatens to erupt again. Lava is bubbling up and toxic fumes demand immediate evacuation. Major highways are already closed and there is little way out.

How do we understand God’s promise of unfailing love and compassion for us in a world gone mad? Nature is betraying us by unseasonable weather, floods, fires and volcanos. Physically, emotionally, rationally and even spiritually everything we know or believe is being shaken.

As an individual , how do I process the school shootings of last week or the molten lava that threatens hundreds of thousands of people.

How do I , how do we make decisions today from a place of peace rather than a place of panic?

I can take the time to come quietly into his presence. I start by focusing on the quiet image until I am still.

Then word by word I reflect on the verse. I share my thoughts, my questions , my raw emotions .

I listen for His response. I wait for a quiet peace to settle my mind, my body and my heart.

I listen for the what to do next. I listen for the when, the where and the how. I listen for the whisper of his love and compassion giving me the courage to move forward with my day.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed , yet my unfailing love for you will not be forsaken nor my covenant of peace be removed , says the Lord , who has compassion on you. (Isaiah 54:10)

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