She’s Coming Home

Glad Welcome


Because of Jesus & Our Faith In Him

We Can Come Fearlessly

Into His Presence

Assured of His Glad Welcome

Ephesians 3:12


Yesterday was Father’s Day. Our worship pastor was very excited. His daughter Anna was coming home after being in Australia at YWAM for the past year. Dwight said that it was the best Father’s Day gift he had ever received. His daughter can be absolutely sure that she is welcome home.

You may have mixed feelings about Father’s Day. Perhaps you never knew your father. Maybe you lost your father when you were too young to remember.  Did your father pass away in the last few years? Is there a large hole that can’t be filled in recent family gatherings?

Was your experience of your father traumatic? Was he there physically but absent emotionally?

Are you a dad who feels he can’t undo the mistakes he made in fathering his children?

Are you a young father longing to be different for your children but not knowing how?

All of us male or female ; child or adult have gaps in our lives because we were imperfectly fathered.

The gospel message is that Jesus came to restore us to a ‘Good,Good Father’.

As Ephesians 3:12 says we can come fearlessly into his presence assured of his glad welcome.

Last year I wrote a blog series called Ephesians A to Z .    Be sure to check out  W for Welcome the post based on Ephesians 3:12.

Susie Larson posts daily blessings on Facebook . Here is her blessing from yesterday.


A Father’s Day Blessing 

Whether you had a father who loved you or a father who was absent, know this: you have a Father in heaven who is very much taken with you. He loves you, cares for you, and wants you to know how much He treasures you. He cares about your hurts, cares about your hopes, and intends to get you safely home. May Jesus heal your wounds, refresh your heart, and inspire a new expectancy. May you take Him at His word and see what’s possible when you believe. We serve a good God who loves you, and He’s an amazingly present Father.


Take Time Today To Come Home

Father Is Waiting Excitedly 

To Welcome You


Virtually yours




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