Have You Lost Your Sparkle?

The phrase “the eyes are the window to the soul” don’t come from the Bible they come from Shakespeare. Never the less the phrase is true.

In Psalm 13:3 David prays:”Restore the sparkle to my eyes or I will die.”

We can tell much about a person by looking in their eyes. As I walk with people in their journey , I look first at their eyes. The eyes of many these days have lost their sparkle. I see sorrow or fear or deep hopelessness. Many are on the verge of giving up.

In Psalm 13:5 David tells God that he will

• TRUST in Your unfailing love

• REJOICE because You have rescued me

• SING because You have been so good to me

Many Psalms reflect this pattern. They begin with honesty about how it is for the writer on the inside. They pour out their fears,their hurts,their disappointment and even their rage . Maybe all the writer does is shed tears. They become still. God responds.

We hear only one side of the conversation between God and David. We don’t hear God’s words but we see David change.

From anguish and despair and asking impossible questions David moves to a place of trust, joy and song.

I think the sparkle returned to his eyes.

Your Turn

What would I see in your eyes today? Take time to talk to God today. Pour out your heart and let him restore your sparkle.

Virtually Yours



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