T for Trust

T for Trust

Trust is a firm belief in the ability, reliability & strength of someone or something. It is a firm belief in the integrity & honesty of a person or  a company. It is the assurance that they are being truthful.  Trust is the assurance that they will do what they said they would do & would do it when they said they would do it.

Trust involves relinquishing control. Trust is allowing someone else do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  Trust is based on relationship.

Forgiveness can be the work of a moment. Restoration of trust can take a lifetime.  The life events that damage us the most come from broken trust.

A father had put his young son up on a high hay wagon filled with grain. He told the little boy to jump.  He said  “I’ll catch you”.  As the child jumped the father moved out of the way saying – “There, I’ve just taught you not to trust anyone”.

My husband ministered to this now young adult.  Trust of anyone & especially of God as Father was extremely difficult.

I have often asked people which member of the Trinity do you relate to most easily. The answer given is usually ‘I relate to Jesus’. Over thirty-plus years very few have said I relate to the Father.

Trusting Jesus seems fairly simple. Most of us have wrestled through the issue of forgiveness from sin. We have a confidence that our destination is heaven.

The Three R’s

Jesus came for three reasons- the 3 R’s if you like
◦    Restoration
◦    Revelation
◦    Relationship

Through his death on the Cross Jesus opened the way for us to have face to face  access with God again. That is restoration.

Throughout his ministry Jesus revealed much about God as Father.

He made radical statements such as:
◦    If you have seen me you have seen the Father
◦    The Father & I will come & make our home with you.

The disciples watched Jesus & asked him to teach them how to pray. They watched as he demonstrated how to have relationship with the Father. The last hours before Jesus went to the Cross were spent talking about the Father & how to have relationship with Him.

As we have walked through the book of Ephesians we have seen Paul talk over & over about God as a loving Father.

His letter to the Ephesians begins with the words ‘May grace & peace be yours sent to you from God our Father & Jesus Christ our Lord’.

The letter ends with ‘May God give you peace  & love with faith from God the Father & the Lord Jesus Christ. May God’s grace be upon you all.’

The Problem

When trust has been broken particularly by parents or authority figures it is very challenging to trust a God who calls himself  Father.

When life has taken a dramatic turn who do we trust?

Where do we, how do we find God in the messy, scary 9-5 of life?

We are tempted to act as servants rather then as part of the family.

We return very easily to trusting in our own resources in the 9-5 of life.

We really love Jesus but struggle with Father.

The Answer

Paul knows the  faith struggles the Ephesians are having . He knows they have gone back to performance. They have gone back  to doing for Jesus rather then being rooted in in Jesus.

You may  be experiencing the same struggle .

Paul prayer gives  us the answer.

I pray that Jesus will be more & more at home in your hearts as you trust in  Him .

Keep doing what you are already doing.
Make the Choice to Trust
Stay In Relationship with Jesus


Trust Jesus
◦    As he reveals  Father.
◦    As he restores your trust
◦    As you choose relationship with your Father


You Have Trusted Jesus
With  Your Destination

Trust Him With Your Destiny

Destiny Is Life

Between Salvation & Destination

Trust Him  in  the 9-5 of  Life

I Choose To Trust

Listen To This Letter From Dad


Virtually yours



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