That Girl- Those Questions

There are two types of girls. There are the girls that everybody runs toward. Folks love having conversations with those girls. These are the the girls that everyone wants on their best friend list. 

Then,  there is the other kind of girl. The kind of girl who people shake their head at and run from because of their seemingly bizarre questions or out of the box statements. 

I’m the second type. Let me give you an example. It was a cold -25C winter day and we were driving between Edmonton and Saskatoon. Looking out the window at the snow covered, windswept fields I saw a herd of cattle huddled together sheltering against the cold. I made the statement “It must be cold to be a cow.” My parents’ laughter rung in my ears for decades as the story was repeated endlessly at family gatherings. 

I was looking at the scene from the cows perspective . My perspective was disregarded and my questions were left unanswered. 

On that day I was given the memo that to think differently or to ask the unanswerable questions results in ridicule and shame. 

My suspicion is that many of you have had similar experiences. Maybe you have stopped thinking and stopped asking. 

This is particularly true when it comes to questions of how faith works in the 9-5 of life. 

Questions, Questions , Questions 

I asked everyone questions. How do you pray? How does God talk to you? It was called ‘Quiet Time’ in those days. I wanted to know what they did. What does a personal relationship with God look like? 

Mostly, I got silence or the person would suddenly be called away on an urgent matter. I was left confused and desperately disappointed. 

My mission , my longing became as Varsity Christian Fellowship says : ‘To Know Christ and to Make Him Known’. 

I was desperate to not to just know about Him but to know Him  relationally. 

I was desperate to have the real relationship with God that I signed up for. 

Where Are You? 

What are your questions? What is your story? What do you want from God?Protection? Provision? Presence? Peace? 

What would a ‘real relationship ‘ with God look like in the 9-5 of your life today? 

Are you tired of living out of rules ? What are your questions about  ‘real relationship’ ?

It’s OK to have questions. It’s OK to want to live out of relationship rather then rules? 

It’s OK to be That Girl or That Boy With Those Questions

Take some time today to start asking your questions. 

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2 thoughts on “That Girl- Those Questions

  1. And yet my question would probably have been: “Does their milk freeze?”
    Both of our questions are common sense from our perspective, it is only when an outsider (someone not us) hears that statement, out of the blue, that our rational is questioned.
    But of course God knows our questions before they are uttered and has provided the answer when we are ready to see it. And the beauty of our human condition IS that chaotic thinking. It is part of what makes us different to all other life. It is a mixed blessing sometimes (“what did that child say?” Or “Eureka!”).
    Oh, and Cows probably ARE cold; no the milk doesn’t freeze unless it is so cold the cows freeze too!