The Invitation

The Invitation

Our Psalm 23 Road Trip  has come  to an end. What an exciting , life changing adventure.

Our Journey Into the Heart of God began with an invitation.

My Heart Has Heard You Say

Come And Talk With Me

And My Heart Responded

Lord I Am Coming

Psalm 27:8

God is waiting to break out of the box that we have him in.

He is waiting to show that He still talks to people.

He wants to talk to you.

You are a little reluctant .

You are not quite sure what do to.

You don’t know what to talk about.

You may feel awkward.


How do you start having a simple but personal relationship with The Shepherd?  Here is one simple model.

Seven Minutes With The Shepherd

Think about how you respond to an invitation from your  best friend?

  • You let them know you are coming.
  • You clear your agenda & set a time to meet your friend.
  • You arrive on time or even a bit early .
  • You are filled with excitement & anticipation.
  • The conversation flows with ease as you revisit shared experiences.

Here is the prayer exercise for today.

Step #1 Find a quiet place where you can be alone for Seven Minutes.

Step #2 Focus on Psalm 27:8 & the image above.

Step #3 Reflect on what the image & verse are saying to you.

  • Have your thoughts about the verse changed over the weeks we’ve been on the road trip?
  • What has changed in your relationship with the Lord?
  • If coming & talking to Him is still difficult or awkward think about why?

Step #4 Ask The Shepherd questions such as:

  • How does He see your relationship?
  • What would He like to talk about?
  • What are the barriers that stop me from receiving his love?
  • Is there anything He wants to tell me?

Step #5 Become quiet & listen for impressions of what He might be saying. Write them down.

Step #6 Stay quietly in His presence for as long as you wish. Let the peace & warmth of His love flow over you.

Step #7 Write a brief prayer of response.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

Virtually yours


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2 thoughts on “The Invitation

  1. I did this exercise yesterday. I asked God the “How does he feel about our relationship” question. I heard “I am pleased” which I immediately questioned because I am undisciplined about doing all the things I know I should etc. The response I think I heard was “You focus on your deeds. I am focused on you.” Cool huh?