The Listener

Sound Powered Telephone System  (PD)

In this age of amazing technology we have come to expect almost instant responses to our emails, phone calls & especially our text messages.

We have  immediate contact with vast numbers of people. That can be a  positive or  a negative.

Hundreds may see or hear our words but never respond.

We can be left feeling very much alone.

Hearing Is  Physiological

It  may or may not result in an action on the hearer’s part.

Listening Is Relational

We listen with our ears  & with our eyes.

We listen with  our heart.

We respond because we understand the person.

We respond to  their real need .

Wonderful Counsellor

Just before Jesus went to the Cross, he promised his disciples that He would send them a wonderful  counsellor.

They would know him when he came.

They would  recognize his voice.  He  already lived with them.

Later he would  live  in them .

What an amazing statement!

This promised Wonderful Counsellor whom we  call  Holy Spirit is actually the Spirit of Jesus.

This Holy Spirit:

  • would guide them
  • advise them
  • respond to their requests
  • would comfort them
  • give them peace & restore their joy

Good News

The good news  is that this  counsellor was not just for the disciples or for the early Church.

The good news is that he lives in us as well.

In John 17 Jesus prays for the disciples. He  also prayed  for all who  would believe in Him through their message.


The Wonderful Counsellor

Lives in you.

He listens – He  responds

He guides – He comforts

He gives peace

He restores joy

Do you have a fearful heart?

  • Do not be afraid.

Are you are a weary one?

  • Lift up your eyes to Him
  • You will arise again
  • He will surely come

For the brokenhearted

  • Don’t lose your faith
  • Find strength in his loving arms
  • When you call on his Name

A Sound- Powered Telephone

 Just Call

I Will Answer

I Will Come To Save You


May today’s video He Will Come To Save You give you the courage to hope again.

Call On His Name!



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