The Lost Week



I met Lois almost 50 years ago. Lois could be the poster girl for the tag line of my website. Lois  lives with passion, purpose & peace. Given the enthusiasm & energy with which she embraces Christmas her post on Facebook last week caught my attention.

Lois said :

I’m In That Space

Between Christmas & New Years

That Space

Where You Don’t Know

What Day It Is

Who You Are


What You Are Supposed To Be Doing

Her statement echoes my own experience as we enter 2016.

I’m disheartened by the flyers offering bargain basement prices for the items I paid full price for just two weeks ago.

I am resisting looking at all the diet infomercials.

Taking out the shiny 2016 day planner feels exhausting.

I am caught up on the challenge to read the New Testament in 30 days but am 1500 words behind in the 500 Words per day writing schedule.

I wonder how Mary felt 10 days after the birth of Jesus.

Mary’s new normal  consisted of a new town, a new baby & few prospects.

Mary’s new normal was definitely new but definitely not nice.

The Shepherds had gone back to their fields.

Was Mary wondering what was that all about?

Was she still pondering the Shepherds story about singing angels & bright lights in the sky?

Was this little family still living in the stable or had they ungraded their accommodations?

We have come through those dull days between Christmas & New Years.

We walked through those days when the lights on the houses that shone so bright on Christmas Eve now look dull & tired.

We got back to normal -school, work, relationships & problems on Monday January 4.

Many of us feel that nothing has changed.

We feel we missed Christmas.

We are disappointed.

We are disappointed in ourselves .

We may have the courage to admit that we are disappointed in God.

But the truth is :

Angels Still Sing

Glory to God In the Highest

And On Earth

Peace &  Goodwill Toward Men

Shepherds Were Told

Do Not Be Afraid !

For Behold

I Bring You Good Tidings of Great Joy

Which Will Be To All People

For On That Day In The City of David

A Savior Was Born

His Name Is Jesus!

Simeon’s Words

I have seen your salvation.

It’s out in the open for everyone to see

A God-revealing light for everyone.

Jesus’ Words

God’s Spirit Is On Me.

He Has Chosen Me

To Preach the Message

 Good News to the Poor

He Sent Me to Announce

Pardon for Prisoners

Recovery of Sight to the Blind

To Set the Burdened & Battered Free!

To Announce

This Is God’s Year to Act !

Your Turn

Choose to resolve not to make any resolutions.

Choose to come to your meeting place- your journal.

Choose to talk to Jesus about your disappointments

Choose to talk to Jesus about your new or your ‘getting very old ‘normal .

Choose to listen for his Words for you in 2016.

This Is God’s Year to Act


The Year of  Always Christmas

And Never Winter !

Virtually yours



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