The Peace Giver

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We have looked at Immanuel as

  • The Counsellor – the One who listens & responds.

Jesus our Immanuel, comes to us as the One who listens, responds, acts & welcomes.

He comes  for one reason & one reason only.

He comes to bring us peace.

The Reason For the Season

We desperately need peace:

  • -peace with God
  • -peace with others
  • -peace with ourselves.

Jesus comes as Prince of Peace



From Panic to Peace

As we grow in our experience of Jesus  as Immanuel ; as the Mighty God  & as our Everlasting Father  we move from anxiety, fear, panic, guilt & shame to acceptance, belonging, security & peace.

We learn to live in real relationship with this Prince of Peace who loves us enough to die for us &  continue to live with us.

We learn how to exchange our panic for his peace.

We choose  to live in relationship with Him daily.

 The Divine Exchange

Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.Tell God what you need. Thank him for all he has done. You will experience God’s peace which exceeds anything you can understand . His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7


Anxious & overwhelmed we take our panic to Him.

Jesus listens & acts on our behalf.

He holds us gently in His arms & quiets the storm.

Panic is replaced by peace.


The Three ‘T’ Solution.

Some practical steps to living in a real relationship with the One who brings us peace are found in a previous post called the Three “T” Solution. Be sure to check it out.


My Prayer For You

This Christmas


That You Enter



It Is Well With My Soul





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