Three Words

Three Words


A movement began in 2009. The ONE Word movement . It encouraged you to forget New Year’s Resolutions.  Encouraged you to scrap that long list of goals . You won’t remember them three weeks from now anyway.


Instead :

Choose Just One Word 

One Word

To Focus on Each Day

All year long….. 

One Word That Sums Up

Who You Want To Be

 How You Want To Live


My One Word journey began in 2013 .


Insecurities kept me convinced that I was not enough.  I was not spiritual enough, experienced enough, educated enough. I was not the right size or the right personality or the right fit. My skills are too few & my flaws are too many. I don’t measure up. I’m not enough. 

My fears kept me convinced that I was too much. Fear told me that I was a burden, an inconvenience. I’m tolerated, rather than desired. I’m accepted, not chosen. I’m a project, an obligation, a responsibility. My baggage is too heavy; my laugh is too loud.  My ‘ diving-all-in’ is too fast. I’m a challenge to be endured, not a friend to be sought after. I’m simply more than anyone bargained for. I’m too much.

I didn’t end the year conquering this lifelong achilles heel of mine. But I did learn to embrace my enoughness more than I ever have before.  I felt oddly more comfortable in my own skin. I still care far too much about what other people think.

Embracing my enoughness meant learning to silence my insecurities, fears & expectations. It requires extending more grace to myself—and trusting others enough to take them at their word. It is also a journey of gratitude, recognizing that what I have—and who I am—is enough.


What do I believe ? Who do I believe? What am I to believe about my behaviour? About my calling? What do I really believe when I listen to my own heart- about my dreams & my destiny? What kind of friend am I?

Who am I designed to be when I grow up?


2015- Content  

Last year’s word was content. Even though I didn’t reveal that word or write about that word the reality is that contentment was manifesting in my life. I am at peace & most days content with my life. I’m less demanding, less restless & at peace with who I am .  I’m at peace with the unusual call on my life- WRITER.


2016- See-Trust-With 

For 2016, I have chosen three words not one. I have chosen the words  See- Trust-With .

They are statements that God makes about me.

I See You

I Trust You

I Am With You

We have already begun to explore the depths of this verse:

You Saw Me Before I Was Born 

Every Day of My Life

Was Recorded in Your Book.

Every Moment Was Laid Out

Before A Single Day Had Passed

Psalms 139:16


The Father still sees you .

He looks at you & says.

This is my beloved daughter ……..

This is my beloved son ………

You give me great pleasure.


Jesus trusts you .

His Mission is Your Mission.

To Live With

Passion, Peace & Purpose

In A Broken World


The Holy Spirit lives with you .


Holy Spirit Is With You

In the 9-5 of Life.

He Is Not Just

A Principle or a Power

Holy Spirit is a Person.

He Gives You

 Everything You Need For

Life By Design.

Your Turn  

Take sometime today to to think about the three statements:

 I see You

I trust you

I’m with you.

What is challenging? What brings hope? Where do you sense God is inviting you to grow?


Today is  Chinese New Year

Let’s Take The Opportunity  

To  Restart 2016 

Together We’ll Focus

 On Three Words 



Share your reflections with us at   We would love to hear from you.

Virtually yours



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