Two Grapes & A Triscuit

EF Grapesand Triscuit

I am in a daily battle. The battle is called fear.  I have only two choices in this battle.

Choice #1: I can manage fear by

  • ignoring it
  • denying it
  • handling it
  • burying it
  • but it keeps coming back

Charlie Brown of Peanuts fame said :


‘ Life Is easier if you only dread one day at a time.’


Choice #2:I can be  free from fear.

Joyce Meyer describes the battle .


Worry is Fear That Has Unpacked It’s 

Bags & Signed A Long Term Lease 

Worry Is Interest Paid On

Trouble Before It Falls Due 

Worry Believes It Will

Have Trouble Before It Does 

Worry Is The End of Faith 

Faith Is The End Of Worry 


Two Voices 

Daily, the voice of fear & the voice of faith speak to me.

Both Demand Attention

Both Offer Fulfillment


Here is my story of one battle between fear & faith.


Two Grapes &  A Triscuit  

It was early Saturday morning in September 2006.  Extreme pain in my knees had robbed me of sleep & peace once again.  I hobbled to the family room & wrestled once more with discouragement & fear. Fear that I would soon be fully  disabled & in a wheel chair.

I have a long history of accidents & nearly fatal medical emergencies.

  • As a premature baby born in 1945
  • As a seven year old with ruptured appendix
  • At 16- frozen legs
  • At 20 when hit by a train
  • At 22 when hit by a garbage truck
  • At 30- ill with toxic shock syndrome
  • At 32 when hit by a cement truck
  • Lifelong dental mismanagement


Now at 61, I was facing life in a wheel chair.

My normal habit when pain & fear assault me is to  reach for my Bible seeking  the Father’s comfort & presence. That morning I continued my reading in the book of Isaiah.

Words from Isaiah 54:10 exploded into my spirit.


Though The Mountains Be Shaken

   And The Hills Be Removed,

My Unfailing Love For You

Will Not Be Shaken

     My Covenant of Peace 

Will Not Be Removed

 I Have  Compassion On You


I sensed that Father was speaking these words directly to me. I felt like He was saying the that He was right in the middle of my medical crisis.  Saying that it would be OK  & that the resolution was on the way. He heard my prayers & saw my distress.

That Saturday morning I picked up a magazine that contained an article called Just Settle It.

It talked about the battle with fear vs the battle with faith.

The article stated that there are times in our our lives when we just have to choose to embrace what Father has said & live out of that truth.

We Just Have To Settle It


The authors recommended that we take communion. They suggested that we take bread & wine &  settle the issue.

That Saturday morning I had no bread or wine.  I did have Two Grapes & A Triscuit.

Taking  them in my hands I said:

Father I choose to believe that what you have said is true.

I choose to believe that Isaiah 54:10 is true for me .

I choose to believe that you have the solution to my damaged knees.

I choose to believe that you are with me .

I choose  to believe there will be no disaster.

I choose to embrace your peace.


By the first week of October I had seen our family doctor. I had been referred to the Hip & Knee Clinic. On November 20, 2006 I had the first knee replacement surgery. No disaster & amazing recovery. On Christmas Eve I walked up & down the stairs at my son’s house.

 Christmas That Year

Was a Celebration Of


God With Me 


There is much more to the story. But on that September morning I chose faith over fear. I settled the issue with 2 Grapes & A Triscuit.

Do I still have fears? Off course. I enter the battle daily.

I Can Choose

Faith not Fear 

One Fear  

One Battle 

One Day At A Time 

One day at a time

  • I choose to listen.
  • I choose to hear & act.
  • I choose faith not fear.


Your Turn 

The only battle you have to face is the battle against fear.

Fear of………………………….

What are your fears ?

What keeps you up at night?

What keeps you in isolation – cut off from passion, purpose & peace?

What is your part in the battle?

Bread & Wine 

Eat & Remember

My Body Given For You 

I Am With You 

Two Grapes & A Triscuit 


Check out our post called  Exploding Words  to learn more about how Father speaks to us

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us at

Have a fear free day.

Virtually Yours





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