I had an unbelievable experience this morning. I opened my email from Five Minute Friday & the word prompt for the week was fear.

Unbelievable in  the face of the massacre  of nine people at the church in Charleston SC on Thursday night.

Unbelievable in the face of just reading Job’s words- “What I feared has come upon me”.

Unbelievable in the face of my having to conquer a huge personal fear today.

The following quote from Peter Beck  at the Gospel Coalition  got my attention:

There Are No Sanctuaries In A Fallen World

We Are Only Safe In Jesus


Two Choices

I was reminded again that I have only two choices . I can manage fear  or I can be free from fear.

When I  choose to manage my fear  I can end up like Job  saying:

What I feared has come upon me.

What I dreaded has happened to me.

I have no peace -no quietness.

I have no rest but only turmoil.

There are over 300 verses in Scripture that command us to not be afraid, to not fear, to not be anxious & so forth. If God tells us 300 times not to do  something I believe that He also gives us the resources to do what He says.

The Battle

The only battle I have to face is the battle against fear.

Fear of………………………….

What are your fears ?

What keeps you up at night?

What keeps you in isolation – cut off from people & purpose & peace?

What is your part in the battle?

Words From The Word

I am blogging through the book of Proverbs.   The series is called The Blessed Life: Principles from Proverbs.   A key verse is found in Proverbs 1:33

All Who Listen To Me

Will Live in Peace & Safety

Unafraid of Harm


This morning God spoke.

  • I chose to listen.
  • I choose to hear & act.
  • I choose faith not fear.

Though I Am Afraid

I Will Trust In You

Psalm 56:3


What  Will  You Choose Today ?

Fear or Faith

Virtually yours


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