V for Virtual

Virtual 2How do you talk to, have a relationship with someone you can’t see & can’t hear ?

It can be perplexing  & at times frustrating.

From Genesis to Revelations we are told to ask God for direction. We are invited to open the door & he will come in to dine with us .  We’re told just ask & He will answer.

Even the snippets of verses on the V for Virtual image  calls us to
◦     come & talk with God
◦     pray at all times
◦    pray in every situation
◦    pray all kinds of prayers

What do these verses mean in the 9-5 of everyday life?

I get aggravated when someone tells me what to do but doesn’t teach me how. Things work better when we know what we are doing & how to do it.

We  ‘signed up’  to have  a real relationship with Jesus. The problem is that most of us were not taught how to do that.

Facebook, Pinterest & The Word of God

Now that  I have your attention I’m going to illustrate how developing  a virtual relationship with God is very similar to developing  a  virtual relationship  with a human being using tools like messaging, email, Facebook or Pinterest.

Let me explain.

Our closest friends are Paul & Edna.  Every couple of weeks we spend a half-day together talking, laughing, praying & eating delicious meals. We share life. In-between we  connect virtually– by text, email & Facebook.

Last night we were at our granddaughters’ dance recital. I, being obedient had my phone on silent but still in my lap.

A vibration IMG_1802siqnaled a message. Our friends’ daughter had just gone in to labor & would we pray. A virtual but very real connection.

A 2nd text 1 hour later announced the  birth of  Bridgette Elizabeth Ann. A virtual but very real connection.

Lots more texts, emails & images have  transpired but we still haven’t talked (heard their voices) or seen the proud grandparents yet.

Positionally we have a real relationship with God. However, we won’t see Him face to face until either we go to Heaven or Jesus returns to the earth.

So how does God connect with us ?

God  Connects With Us Virtually

God Speaks Through Words 

God Speaks  Through Pictures


He speaks through books, sermons, music, images & nature .

He  connects through emails, texts, Facebook & Pinterest that come from real  people.

God  Speaks Through His Word.

Let me explain!

V for ????

On Thursday, May 14 I was struggling with what to write for the V post for the Ephesians A to Z series. I first thought about V for View but had no idea what to say.

Frustrated I decided to check my emails.

The first one that grabbed my attention was from John Bevere

John says:

I have often told people to listen for God’s voice within my voice when I am preaching. Often we are so busy taking notes we only record everything said by the man or woman who is speaking.

But mere head knowledge does not bring true understanding.

Only God’s Word gives the light we need—and He wants to speak directly to us through it.

When we possess only head knowledge, two things can happen: (1) we become easily susceptible to hype or emotionalism, or (2) we become bound by our intellects.

There is a deeper and surer foundation available to us.

When we listen to an anointed minister speak, or when we read a book or blog post, we should look for the words or phrases that explode in our spirits.

This is the Word God is revealing to us.

It conveys light and spiritual understanding. It is the entrance of His Word into our hearts, not our minds, that illuminates and clarifies.

God Speaks to Us

Through Words & Images


Explode Into Our Spirit


Crystal Stine says this about words.

God loves words.

He loves them so much that He spoke the world into being with them.

He proclaimed promises, named Himself, healed, comforted, and was victorious.

He declared with His own words “It is finished.”

God loves words so much He gave us an entire book of them  to learn from and share to the ends of the earth.


Crystal’s words tie together with John Bevere’s instruction to us to  look for the words or phrases that explode in our spirits.

Exploding Words 


The Words God

Is Speaking To Us.


How did God speak to me that V was to be Virtual?

Exploding Words


I was talking to friends from another province last week. They are consistent readers of my blog. They told me that  the post T for Trust had touched them at a deep level.  Puzzled, I  asked what touched them.

Here is their response .

You have Trusted Jesus
With Your Destination

Trust Him With Your Destiny

Exploding Words!

Listen  Today For The Explosion


Caryn Rivadeneira  has written a book  Known & Loved : 52 Devotions From the Psalms

In the chapter, You Are Made to Be Near God she writes:

Jerusalem, Jerusalem – how often I have longed to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you were not willing. (Matthew 23:37)

God is like a mother hen & like a mother human! He wants his children near.

But often times especially during times of doubt or confusion or frustration we find it hard to be near God, to seek shelter in his wings.

Sometimes, we just don’t know how to be close when God seems so distant.

Drawing close to God is simply a matter of taking our hearts – our honest hearts to him.

Tell him we feel distant or filled with doubt or far away.

When we just don’t know what to say , we can simply say ; God, I seek your presence. I long to be near.”

Then sit in silence believing that he is with us whether we feel it or not.


God, sometimes you feel so far away and yet I long to have you near. Please come close to me, draw me to you and let me know you are with me.

God responds:

Come Close to Me


I  Will Come Close to You 

James 4:8


Your Turn

Begin today to grow in  your virtual but real relationship with Jesus.

Just Talk

  • Share your heart with Him

Just Listen

  • Read back through this post.
  • Listen for the exploding words.

You Are Invited

Draw Near to Me

I Will Draw Near To You

Virtually yours




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