What’s The Point ?

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Have you ever gone through a difficult season where you feel trapped & discouraged ? It is a season where it seems as though there is no way that the situation can improve.

An unexpected source brings hope that things were going to change & change quickly. But your hopes quickly came to nothing.

Things got worse rather then better. The old feelings of being trapped & feeling desperately discouraged returned.

You gave up.

You gave in.

You passively accept that this is going to be your new normal.

Your head & your heart live the question What’s The Point?

Lately I’ve been Blogging Through  Exodus along with many other wonderful ladies at Women Living Well.

Exodus 6

Here we find the Hebrew people in exactly that situation. The children of Israel were in bondage & discouraged  They stopped listening, stopped believing , stopped hoping, stopped moving forward.

Just two chapters back we read that the people were convinced that the Lord had sent Moses & Aaron. They believed (heard) that the Lord was concerned about them & had seen their misery. They bowed down & worshiped.  They were inspired to believe Moses & trust him.

But before things got better things got worse. Pharaoh oppressed them making their already difficult lives harder. Their Hebrew foremen blamed Moses.

But Moses

Why did the Hebrews stop listening? Why did they completely shut down?

Moses fell into doubt and discouragement as well. He protested to God saying why have you brought all this trouble on your own people.

He began to doubt that God had called him. Again he asked God why did you send me here?

Moses never gave in to the doubt.

He didn’t just pack his bags & return to Midian. He didn’t go back to the comfort of Home & Family.

He kept hoping, believing & moving forward. He didn’t quit!

Why? What made the difference?


The answer is found in relationship.  Moses had learned to have two-way conversations with God. Both talked, both listened.

It Wasn’t A Religion

It Was A Relationship

We don’t know for sure how Moses interacted with God. We just catch some details of the conversations .

In Exodus 33 we find out that Moses met God in a tent out in the desert & spoke to him face to face as a man speaks with a friend.

We see Joshua, the next leader of Israel watching & learning how to have his own conversations with God.

Discouraged Hebrews

The Hebrews got discouraged & quit because they knew about God but didn’t know God.

They had religion but not relationship.

When they saw the miracles they were convinced but when things got tough or didn’t change like they expected they quit.

How many of us have that kind of relationship with God?

When we get the the answers we want or see the miracles (signs) of His presence we’re good to go.

When we are obedient, following all the rules do we feel entitled to ……?  That’s religion.

When things get tough or don’t turn out like we think they should do we get discouraged and go into spiritual hibernation.? We stop talking & stop listening.

We quit on relationship?

Hand or Face

There Were Two Groups In The Wilderness

Those Who Wanted His Hand


Those Who Wanted His Face

What’s The Point?

Day by Day I Get To Choose

Religion: Knowing About God


Relationship: Knowing God

I Choose His Face

I Choose Relationship

Conversation Starter:

Step 1: Pitch a tent in your backyard. You do need a meeting place. On second thought a new notebook & pen would work equally well.

Step 2– Copy this verse into your notebook.

Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away and he called it the tent of meeting. Anyone wanting to talk to God about something could go to the tent & meet with Him.

Step 3: What do you talk about? What does He talk about? Write it down on the walls of your tent- your Meeting Place.

Step 4: Share your experience with a trusted friend. I’d love to hear what happened for you. Write a comment below or email me at admin@lindafode.com .

Virtually yours


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