When Faith Is Spelled RISK

Faith Is RISK

Faith can be described in one word- RISK. Every new choice ; every change of direction ; every letting go of old ways of doing something & embracing new options has risk.

Our story today is about two people:

  • Jairus, a synagogue leader who’s daughter lay dying
  • a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years & was isolated from her community because she was ritually unclean.

Both were:

  •  facing impossible situations
  • out of options
  •  facing public exposure, ridicule & judgement
  • disappointment if Jesus’ actions did not make a difference


After Jesus crossed over by boat, a large crowd met him at the seaside. One of the meeting-place leaders named Jairus came. When he saw Jesus, he fell to his knees, beside himself as he begged, “My dear daughter is at death’s door. Come & lay hands on her so she will get well and live.” Jesus went with him, the whole crowd tagging along, pushing & jostling him.

 A woman who had suffered a condition of hemorrhaging for twelve years—a long succession of physicians had treated her, and treated her badly, taking all her money and leaving her worse off than before—had heard about Jesus. She slipped in from behind & touched his robe. She was thinking to herself, “If I can put a finger on his robe, I can get well.” The moment she did it, the flow of blood dried up. She could feel the change and knew her plague was over & done with.

 At the same moment, Jesus felt energy discharging from him. He turned around to the crowd & asked, “Who touched my robe?” His disciples said, “What are you talking about? With this crowd pushing & jostling you, you’re asking, ‘Who touched me?’ Dozens have touched you!”

 But he went on asking, looking around to see who had done it. The woman, knowing what had happened, knowing she was the one, stepped up in fear and trembling, knelt before him  & gave him the whole story.

 Jesus said to her, “Daughter, you took a risk of faith, & now you’re healed & whole. Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague.”

While he was still talking, some people came from the leader’s house & told him, “Your daughter is dead. Why bother the Teacher any more?”

Jesus overheard what they were talking about & said to the leader, “Don’t listen to them; just trust me”. 

  • Mark 5: 21-36 (MSG)


Take some time today to reflect on this story.

What were the risks:

  •  for Jairus
  • for the woman
  •  for Jesus

How would you re-tell this story if you were :

  • one of the disciples
  • one of the crowd
  • one of the religious leaders
  • a person facing an impossible situation but afraid to take a faith risk

Jesus’ priorities are not the same as mine would be. The urgency of a dying child out weighs the needs of a woman ill for 12 years.

Why did Jesus embarrass the woman publicly?

Why the question : “ Who touched me?”

Take time to let this story come to life for you . Let it play out in your mind like a movie made for TV.

What is it saying to you about your personal Risk of Faith journey ?

 Virtually yours



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