When Friends Become Foes


Crowds had followed Jesus just a few short days ago. They laid their coats on the ground & sang his praises saying: Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

They now turned on him screaming  : Crucify Him!

All his disciples deserted him & ran away.

Even Peter denied Jesus  saying : I swear by God, I don’t know this man you’re talking about.

Followers became Foes.  Supporters became Opponents. 

Jesus knew the utter devastation of betrayal & abandonment. Jesus  came to not only to provide forgiveness.

In his death  he also took on all the sorrow we carry because of hurt that comes from betrayal & loss.  The Cross brings healing to the deepest emotional wounds we experience.

Max Lucado writes about this kind of betrayal .  I share his words with you today.

When The World Turns Against You



May this Good Friday be truly good for you.  May you enter  into the fullness of the Cross.  May you let Him carry your sorrows.

Virtually yours



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One thought on “When Friends Become Foes

  1. Wonderful and very meaningful reflections! Love Max Lucado and the song Hosanna
    Happy Easter, we have 50 days to celebrate what Jesus did for us