Who’s Ready For A Road Trip?

Ready FOr Roadtrip

Who loves Road Trips ? I love the freedom. No real plans! Little luggage! Just a get in the car & go.

Last summer I took a virtual roadtrip through Psalm 23. Several ladies came along. Our lives changed as we got to know an ancient shepherd . We came to appreciate that ‘sheepishness’ is actually a good thing. But that is a story for another day.

Today I am starting a roadtrip through the Gospel of Mark. Want to join me?

We’ll be stopping at verses or words or stories that catch our attention. The things we see will create memories that connect us in fresh new ways to ourselves, to each other & to Jesus.

Why Mark?

Because it was written to people just like us.

People Who Had  

The Courage To Ask   

What Difference Does 

Connecting With Jesus 

Make In My Everyday Life

I Need Help & I Need Answers – Now!

Mark’s audience were people facing impossible situations.

They were real people who needed to have:

  • real experiences of  God hearing
  • real experiences of God answering
  • real experiences of a life change

Mark wrote to Romans.

Mark was written to Gentiles – to Romans living in Israel. They were a culture within a culture.

Mark was actually called John Mark. He was a cousin of Barnabus . Mark joined with him as he traveled along side Paul.

It was through that relationship that Mark met Jesus.

Not Face to Face

But Second Hand

Just Like Us


Later there was a break in that friendship . Mark went off to Jerusalem & connected with Peter. Peter & Mark ended up in Rome.

Mark’s first & only book came out of  a long roadtrip with Peter. Fast paced & action filled it focuses on people & their problems. Without a lot of explanation Jesus just acts & things happen. Things change.

 Real Help In The 9-5 of Life

I’ll be your driver on this roadtrip. I don’t know where we’ll go or where we’ll stop. I have the first few miles laid out but after that it’s really up to Jesus!

Jesus will determine where we camp for a night or even longer.

You have an important part in this journey. Your comments & questions will form much of the direction for the trip.  Contact us at admin@lindafode.com

Two keywords in the book of Mark are immediately or straightway.

I don’t know about you but I need God to act or answer or connect with me now.   My prayers often scream – immediately

Are you ready for this adventure? Nothing for you to pack ! Nothing for you to do! Just show up at the car on Wednesday & we’ll take off.

The first stop will amaze you.  Share your thoughts with us at   admin@lindafode.com

Virtually yours


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