Why Leave Your Nets?


Why did four fisherman take time to leave their responsibilities behind & choose to follow Jesus? What prompted them to pursue a relationship with Jesus? Why did they choose to become actively identified with Jesus? Why invest in a relationship that could cost them everything?

We can understand why the crowds followed Jesus. They were desperate. They were curious. They had tangible physical, mental & relational needs.

The man with leprosy was healed physically but also emotionally & relationally. He could go home to his family . He was restored to his community. The shameful labels were lifted off. He was normal again.

The Crowds Wanted to Experience the Hand of Jesus 

They Came to Jesus Because He Could Meet Their Need 

But what about Peter & Andrew- James & John? Why did they make the choice to enter into daily relationship with Jesus?

They Wanted His Face

They Wanted Him


Were they driven by dissatisfaction with the status quo? Were they tired of religion– knowing about God but not knowing how to have real relationship with God?

Maybe they were plagued with the same struggles I have had all my life:

  • There has got to be more
  • I signed up for relationship not religion
  • I need God in the 9-5 of my life.
  • I’m tired of the same old struggles in my life
  • Doing more-trying harder is just not working

I’m Grateful For All the Times I’ve Seen Your Hand

But I Am Desperate To See Your Face.


If you have read this far in this email I believe you are desperate too.


You Want More

You Want Relationship Not Religion.

You Need To Experience His Hand

But You Are Desperate

To  See His Face


Questions for You  

Why did you take time  today to leave your  responsibilities &  choose to read this email.

What prompts you to pursue a  real relationship with Jesus?

Why are you choosing  to become actively identified with Jesus in a hostile world?

Why are you  investing  in a relationship that could cost you everything?

Leave Your Nets for a few minutes:

  • thank him for all the touches of his hand.
  • tell him what is on your heart & your mind
  • tell him about your needs
  • listen for his response.

Embrace His Invitation

Come Follow Me  

Virtually yours



Come Follow Me

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