Worried or Concerned


The number one topic that gets views & responses on my blog over the last three years is the topic of  worry. Jesus identifies three things that stop people from entering into real relationship with Him in the 9-5 of life. We are  stopped by worries, pleasures & riches.  Number one on the list is worry.

Jesus  says:

And as for what fell among the thorns,

These are the people who hear

But as they go on their way

They are choked & suffocated with the

Anxieties, cares, riches & pleasures of life.

Their fruit does not ripen; does not mature.


366 Directives 

I once read a statistic that in at least one version of the Bible there are 366 verses that say something like:

  • do not fear
  • do not be afraid
  • do not be anxious
  • do not worry


If God commands us to not do something 366 times then He must also provide a way that we can obey.

How does that happen?  How can I stop being afraid? How can I stop the racing thoughts that keep me up at night? What can I do about that constant knot in the pit of my stomach?

What is the difference between worrying & addressing the real concerns & circumstances in our lives?

Author Seth Barnes’ book The Art of Listening Prayer gives valuable insight.

Seth says:

Worries, riches & pleasures are big distractions.  God isn’t going to wrestle for a mindshare.  We have to deal with the distractions.

The Devil knows how to use our short term attention spans to rob us of the hearing God’s voice.


Worries are just thoughts. They fill my mind. They  fill up space. They prevent me from having any possibility of kingdom thinking.

It’s impossible to simultaneously entertain a worry & to trust God.

Worries introduce the lie that God either doesn’t care or that He lacks power.

The lies are rooted in the conclusion that we are not God’s children.

Our experience is not of being an adopted child in His family.

We live like orphans. There is no one to look out for us.

Worrying deprives us of the ability to trust. It calls our adoption into question.

Worrying takes the responsibility for providing our needs out of Father’s hand where they belong.

Worry places the responsibility into our hands.

When we worry we assume ownership of the problem.  We decide that if it’s going to be resolved then it’s all up to us .


Concern stems from taking responsibility for the completion of a task.

It’s normal when one has a responsibility to think about how it will be accomplished. the details pop into our mind- not necessarily from the devil.

When concerns compulsively & repetitively recycle through our brain they turn into worries. These thoughts crowd out the voice of God through the constant murmur of unfulfilled details.

It isn’t enough to just decide to stop worrying. That only addresses a symptom.

We live out of beliefs like:

  • I am an orphan
  • I am responsible for my own provision
  • I can’t trust God

The Solution  

The lies needs to be replaced by truth.  Until we have a truth encounter worry is going to be my inevitable companion.


I See You

I  Trust You

I’m With You


Your Turn 

The Seed That Fell Among Thorns

Stands For Those Who Hear But 

As They Go On Their Way 

They Are Choked By 

Life’s Worries 

They Do Not Mature

Luke 8:14



Father , I want to trust you & live by your Spirit. Is this passage true for me in the area of worry? Have I let anxiety come between you & me?     What do you want to say to me about worry?


  • What areas of my life am I most concerned about?
  • What concerns have become worries?
  • What do I believe about Your presence?
  • What do I believe about Your power?
  • What should I do next time I start to worry?

Send your responses to admin@lindafode.com     We look forward to hearing from you.

Virtually yours


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One thought on “Worried or Concerned

  1. Linda, I was just sharing with a client last night that anxiety (fear, worry) is the number-one issue I deal with in my work. And I shared my “peace and hope” verses with her, among them II Tim. 1:7.